2.1 Create a Product in AWS Service Catalog

AWS Service Catalog Products

As we mentioned in the intro to this section, products are AWS CloudFormation templates available to be provisioned in Service Catalog. So in this lab we are going to take the CloudFormation template that we created and linted in our CloudFormation Lab and make it a product in Service Catalog. While we will be demonstrating the steps in the console, the same steps can be achieved via CLI, API and SDK. You can also define Service Catalog products via CloudFormation as well.

  1. First lets navigate to the web console for AWS Service Catalog. Under the Management & Governance section, click on Service Catalog
  2. Once at the web console for AWS Service Catalog, click on Products
  3. Click on the Upload new product button in the upper right section of the products page.
  4. Now enter in the Product details as shown in the next screenshot and click on Next. This provides information to End Users on what this product is.
  5. You can enter support details or leave it blank and click on Next. This is how you can give End User information of who to contact of what to do if they encounter issues with the product.
  6. Now we will upload the CloudFormation Template we downloaded from the CloudFormation Lab. click on Browse to where it is stored locally on your laptop. Notice you can also specify a URL location, such as an S3 Bucket. Give this version of the Product a title and click Next.
  7. Review the settings specified and click Create.
  8. Congratulations! You have successfully created an AWS Service Catalog product.

Now that we have created a product, we need to allow End Users to be able to access the product to deploy it. We also need to constrain how they can deploy the product. To do this let’s create a Portfolio which we allow us to set these controls.

Note that a product can be added to multiple different Service Catalog Portfolios.