Section 1 - Hello World Labs

These labs are meant to help familiarize you with four of the five services covered in this workshop. They cover simple uses cases and patterns that will be built upon in the next section of the workshop.

Be sure you are operating in the eu-west-1 region by selecting “EU (Ireland)” from the chooser in the upper right hand corner of your AWS Console. This is the region we will be using for the workshop.

Select “EU (Ireland)” region:

AWS CloudTrail

Want visbility into what is going on in your AWS accounts? In this section, we will turn on AWS CloudTrail to track activity within our account.

  • Create a Trail in CloudTrail
  • Search for one of the previous events in CloudTrail

AWS Config

Do you have to report on changes in your environment to auditors? Are you interested in making sure certain compliance configuration remains in your AWS accounts, AWS Config can help. Here we will turn on AWS Config to track resources within our account. We will also create a Config Rule to ensure AWS Config has the SSM Agent enabled.

  • Turn on AWS Config
  • Create a Config Rule that checks SSM Agent Status
  • We will the come back and setup Auto-Remediation with AWS Config

AWS CloudFormation

Do you want to deploy infrastructure as code? Here we will get a crash course to the syntax of AWS CloudFormation and create a simple stack that deploys an EC2 instance. We will also cover how to validate our CloudFormation Templates.

  • Create a CloudFormation Template
  • Use CloudFormation Linter to check syntax
  • Deploy EC2 Instance with CloudFormation

AWS Systems Manager

Do you want to perform configuration management, and automate operational tasks in your environment? Here we will become familiar with AWS Systems Manager (SSM). How to use Run Command, and SSM Automation to perform tasks against EC2 instances.

  • Use Run Command to execute command line against an instance
  • Use Automation to perform severals tasks again an instance
  • Create a Custom Automation Document to install Nginx
  • Setup Inventory to collect what is installed on our EC2 instances